Aug 6 13 5:20 PM

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I picked up a couple knives like this for Dad and I about a week ago. At first I had my doubts, but I had the chance to look one over in person at Gettysburg and thought "well its not TOO bad" so when I got back I found a couple for us. They came in and I have to say WOW! They have a good carbon steel blade on them, unlike the stainless that you normally see coming from Pakistan. The handles and rivets and guards are SOLID. The edge isn't too bad, but will need some work. Should hold a good edge and not dull quickly, seems to be really good steel. Aesthetically, the sheath is so-so, but that's no biggie. The knife is secure in it, and I can always make another later. Overall, I would highly recommend this knife as the quality is much higher than average, and the price can't be beat.